Producer. Writer. Photographer. Web Developer.

Greetings, secret agent.

If you’ve gotten this far, that means that you’ve defeated both my armed guards and my flying monkey bomb squadron. Well done. Well done, indeed. But there’s only one thing you didn’t calculate for… *pulls level, floor opens* MY SHARK-INFESTED MOAT OF LAVA!


Looking Away

Now that you’ve made your way through the gauntlet, allow me to welcome you to my website! My name is Aaron Matthew Kaiser and I am a producer, writer, photographer and entrepreneur (amongst other things). This website will be a guide to getting to know me.

  • Who Am I? helps you understand what makes me tick.
  • Ventures gives you a glimpse at the companies and projects that I have spearheaded.
  • Content is a portal to what I create, from blog entries to photography.
  • Social is the gateway to connecting with me online and beyond.

Since you have the general idea of what to do, take a look around and enjoy your stay.


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