April: 30 Days of Creativity

"Creative Hands" © Jeff Daly via Flickr
“Creative Hands” © Jeff Daly via Flickr

I have a theme for April. For the next thirty days, I will be threading everything I do through this one word. Every day, I will do at least one thing that embodies this thesis. By the time I am done, I am hoping to have infused it within my life on a daily basis.


That’s the theme. I’m going to stop talking about being creative and actually do it. Every. Day. And not just in one area, but many. I talked before about how I felt like I was juggling too many objectives, but for some reason I feel balanced and sane right now.

I am doing this because I believe that creativity will beget creativity. The more creative I am, the more I will attract other creatives who might want to work with me. And maybe I’ll attract people who want to invest in creativity. I still don’t have enough funds to pay my bills or get an apartment, but I feel like this is something I absolutely must do. This step must be taken. In fact, I am placing a higher priority on being creative than I am on paying work.

How am I going about this massive undertaking of creativity? There are three main ways.

First, I have recently jump-started my YouTube channel and video blog again. My first video (embedded below) shows off part of my adventures at WonderCon this last weekend. I’m going to be vlogging about some other trips I’m possibly taking, plus begin shooting segments where I discuss some of the unique areas around Los Angeles that I really like. Within the next couple of weeks, I will also be shooting my new audition video for the Ford Fiesta Movement and will hopefully get into that this time around (which will lead to more adventures).

My plan is to create two to four videos a month. At the most, I will likely upload something once a week, but I won’t hold myself to that if I get too busy with other activities.

Next, I am posting a photo to Flickr every day this month. This is my big personal challenge as I have more than enough content to be posting regularly, but I just haven’t been doing so. Since I have so many back-logged photos that I can post, I’ll be doing so daily. Thirty photos in thirty days. That’s the big goal. That’s the big challenge.

"A View of the Bay" by Aaron Matthew Kaiser
“A View of the Bay” is my latest photo subject and the first image uploaded to Flickr during my 30 Days of April challenge.

Expect to see some images of models that I promised more photos of months ago, along with some new stuff that I’ll likely be shooting along the way. I’m really excited about this part of the project. I think I’m feeling calm and capable about everything because I’m limiting myself to just one image per day. That makes the goal achievable.

Finally, I’m rewriting a script this month. Almost three years ago, I created a half-hour quirky drama called Life in Bloom. The original intent was to get brand sponsorship and distribute it online as a half-hour webseries (likely on Hulu). The problem was that I couldn’t gain traction with sponsors and always felt that maybe the series was truly destined for television.

But it was a half-hour drama. Where could it fit? Dramas were usually an hour long. This script was the length of most sitcoms, but it wasn’t funny enough to be classified as such. And honestly—as my first completed television pilot—the concept wasn’t that strong to really carry a series.

Then an idea popped into my head recently on how I could flesh out the story and make it a one-hour formatted drama. The characters are pretty much all the same, except a different one has been promoted to the show lead. And he has a slightly different main storyline for each episode. Without going into details, there will be a procedural-type of element added to the series where fans of series like Early Edition and Quantum Leap will enjoy this.

Since I originally wanted to write something for Script Frenzy this month (before I found out that it wasn’t officially happening), I’m taking up rewriting this script as a third area of practicing creativity. I will pick it up as I have time and hopefully be done by April 30th.

So, that’s it. That’s me being creative for 30 days during the month of April.

Being creative is not a hobby, it is a way of life.In the midst of this, I’m also trying to train myself to have a more regular sleep schedule and begin my day at a specific time. In doing so, I am hoping to develop a flexible routine. I want to have certain parts of my day that are generally reserved for image processing, reading or writing scripts, updating social media networks, having meetings, etc.

It’s also quite possible that I might announce a couple of other projects at some point during this month. I’m talking to a musician friend of mine about possibly directing a music video for one of his songs. And if I can find/write a good script for a short film or webseries, I’d like to start putting something like that together as well. My challenges with those are more related to finances and affording equipment and crew, but I believe that it will all come together if it’s meant to.

Like I said, creativity will beget creativity. Let’s ride!

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